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San Diego Sockers

Dear Dr. Corey and RockTape:

Over the past few years (playing MSL and now with the San Diego Sockers) I have been battling through tarsal tunnel syndrome.

I've seen a number of doctors and trainers who all highly recommended surgery. I needed something that could help me stay on the field for the time being.

Dr. Corey Lichtman introduced RockTape to me and began taping me. It helped me significantly by bracing my ankle and eventually helping to cure the problem!

I now use RockTape on all issues that arise during the season, from my calf, to my knee. Not only do I get the support I need but feel the tape help with my endurance and decrease my fatigue factor.

Thanks Dr. Corey and RockTape!
-Kraig Chiles

"My friend Todd MacCulloch from Philadelphia told me about the Fenzian Treatment System™ and how it relieved his pain and discomfort. Throughout the season I encountered a large number painful injuries to my body. The Fenzian dealt with my old nagging painful conditions and the immediate reduction of pain and discomfort of the acute conditions to my ankles, legs and upper body. I want to thank Todd for introducing me to the Fenzian Treatment System™."

Steve Nash, Most Valuable Player, Professional Basketball (Phoenix)

"I first heard of the Fenzian Treatment System through a few of my teammates who were treated. They told me it was remarkable. It definitely is. Utilizing the Fenzian in the 2006 and 2007 Spring Training has been wonderful. The pain and aggravation of daily workouts have been incredibly reduced, and I intend to continue the treatment system from now on."

Dave Roberts, San Francisco Giants

"After playing in the league for 10 years, I have had pain from several bumps and bruises along the way. The Fenzian Treatment System™ has me feeling better than I have in many years. I would like to thank the Fenzian Team for it's support."

Kurt Thomas, Professional Basketball (Phoenix)

"The last few years have been difficult and painful for me and my family and friends. I have had several surgeries over the past few years. I strongly believe that Fenzian Treatment System™ played a huge part in making my recovery less painful. I am now back to full workouts and more importantly I am pain free."

Andre Wadsworth, Professional Football (Phoenix)

"Dr. Corey Lichtman is great. Being a football player and all I get dinged up a little. My shoulder, my ankle, my hamstrings.... Whatever case of injury on the field, Dr. Lichtman has made it a possibility each week for me to compete mentally and physically."

-Scott J.
Linebacker, San Diego Thunder

" I have been a patient of Dr. Corey Lichtman for over a year now. I first met Dr. Lichtman playing for the San Diego Thunder Semi-Pro Football team. Last year I sustained a torn UCL (inside elbow) tear in football practice. I saw Dr. Corey Lichtman the next day and he treated me with the Fenzian Treatment System. Since beginning care for my injury I was surprised how quickly I was back on the field. Originally, when I went to an orthopedic surgeon and had an MRI, I thought I would be out for much or maybe all of the season and have to have surgery to repair the torn ligament. Treatment with Dr. Corey and the Fenzian cuts recovery time from athletic injuries in half. Aside from the sports injuries that I have sustained, Dr. Corey gives the best adjustments of any Chiropractor that I have ever been to. Thanks Doc!"

-Nathan B.
DE, TE, San Diego Thunder

I have been to several Chiropractors over the years, and Dr. Corey Lichtman is by far the most excellent I have come across. After years of neck and back pain, I feel that I have finally been properly diagnosed. The variety of treatments I receive from Dr. Corey is definitely helping my pain dissipate. He is also using the Fenzian Treatment System to promote healing of an old surgery scar. I unwaveringly recommend Dr. Corey's services if you suffer from neck and /or back pain.

Christine D.

qq My wife referred me to Dr. Corey Lichtman because of my reoccurring tightness and pain in my upper back. After 2 months of treatment, but 15 years of pain and occasional reduction in physical activtiy, I have not felt any pain or tightness in my upper back since treatments have started. I am very happy with the results of Dr. Corey's treatments. Dr. Corey gave me home neck exercises that has improved vertebra positioning and muscle strength, vastly reducing injury re occurrence and allowing me to surf and increase my physical activities.

John G.

qq My sister referred me to Dr. Corey on December 5th because I was complaining of severe pain in my neck and radiating down my right shoulder. My right shoulder had been sore for years! The neck just happened one morning (so I thought). I was taking ibuprofen daily for pain just to workout, but it eventually became to painful so I stopped working out. Since I started with Dr. Corey, he has used the Fenzian Treatment System, WHAT A MIRACLE DEVICE! When I first came into the office, I could barely move, and when I did there was a lot of pain. Now, after LESS THAN 10 treatments using the Fenzian, I am virtually pain free and working out 3-4 times a week for 45 minutes on a regular basis! On top of that, i am no longer taking any pain medications, which of course I am VERY Happy about! Thank you Dr. Corey!!!

Heather C.

I was referred to Dr. Corey Lichtman from my massage therapist, Kirsten. I had been complaining and suffering from severe headaches which caused me to miss work, stop exercising and cancel social events for the past 3 years! Dr. Corey has been treating me with spinal adjustments, stretching, strengthening, postural education, lifestyle recommendations and the Fenzian Treatment System. I was amazed at how the Fenzian Treatment relieved my pain within minutes. My headaches have decreased from daily at a 10/10 pain scale to one headache in 6 weeks with a 3/10 pain scale. The Fenzian helped me return to work to care for my own patients.


"Admittedly, the only time I call Corey is when I need him to put me back together again. And every time, he gets me in as fast as he can, and he puts everything back where it's supposed to be. And he makes it all stop hurting. Then he doesn't hear from me again - nothing personal, Corey ;-)" Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Kevin P.

"Dr. Corey is the consummate professional. His expertise in the areas of physiotherapy, sports medicine and chiropratic work have prolonged my career as a professional football player and has proven to be a great resource for nutrition and preventative maintenance. I would recommend Dr. Corey to anyone with a history or occurrence of orthopedic injuries or ailments including soft tissue, spinal, neck and other joint damage. As a business professional, Dr. Corey can be trusted to provide reasonable, attainable and economical solutions that will help you to recover, rehabilitate and return to full health." Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Cameron C.

"I was referred to Dr. Corey in 2005 by a close friend when I moved back to San Diego from LA and was in need of a chiropractor. I was immediately impressed with his diverse sports medicine knowledge and background in working with professional and amateur athletes. I came to him initially for help with a back injury I had sustained playing soccer, which he treated and helped me recover from with almost immediate relief. In addition, I have found that through his preventative care and various training recommendations and expertise, that I have been able to continue playing the sports that I love with little to no pain at all. He is at the top of his field, constantly educating himself and his clients on the newest technologies available for health and wellness, and delivering his message with a high energy, positive, consultative approach. I highly recommend Dr. Corey!" Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Darin T.

"Corey takes great care of my clients and has a true concern for their progress and ultimate healing." Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity

Rob Reynolds, Esq.

"Corey worked as our team doctor (San Diego Thunder semi-pro football team) in 2005. During this time, I needed to visit Corey for rehabilitation for a torn calf muscle. Corey was professional, made my visits very comfortable with his engaging manner and got me playing again much faster than I expected. It was obvious that Corey knew what he was doing and that his work produced results. I hope that I won't be back (as that means that I am injured again) but if I do get hurt again, I am absolutely returning to Dr. Corey." Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Good Value

Seth M.

"Dr. Corey holds himself at the highest standards. His patient care is second to none." Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Bernard G., Pharm.D.

"Corey is very passionate about his craft. He came highly recommended from a good friend and I now recommend him without hesitation. With his help, I have gone from living life in constant pain, to living pain-free. He has encouraged me to take a proactive approach to my health, and has mentored me in implementing a program that makes sense for me. I am grateful for his dedication to serving others and will continue to go out of my way to obtain his service. Thanks Corey!!!" Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value

Brandon C.

"Corey does an excellent job in documenting the injuries on a client which is what I need to settle a case for maximum value. Beyond the documentation, he also gets my clients better quickly through his therapy." Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Mark Blane, Esq.

"Dr. Corey is a highly motivated Chiropractic Physician who always has the best in mind for his patients health. I feel so confident in his abilities that I refer professional athletes to him and know that the job will get done!" 

Dr. Tory Brooks, Chiropractic Physician , ON THE GO CHIRO

"I have been a patient of Dr. Corey Lichtman's for over a year and truly appreciate his professionalism and 'going the extra' mile to help resolve any issues I may be having. I am an active amateur golfer and suffer from the related aches and pains of attempting to become an accomplished amateur player, Dr. Corey has helped me to achieve better results by minimizing the stresses and pain I manage to put on my body.

I highly recommend Dr. Corey to help you perform at your highest ability!"

Gregg R. Short - Business owner, father, and Amateur Golfer

"I was referred to Dr. Corey from my insurance suffering from a chronic Neck injury. When I say chronic, I mean for many, many years to the point where it severely limited my physical activities. In only 3 months Dr. Corey has been phenomenal and I'm thrilled to be back to all my activities. What I didn't expect was to get back to where I had been physically years ago, much less in a few weeks time. I recommend Dr. Corey to everyone I know!"

Sally H.

"I was referred to Dr. Corey from an associate flight attendant in December 2006. I have degenerative disk disease in my lower back along with neck and shoulder problems for several years. These problems limited my daily life by being unable to lift, push, pull (at work) and constant exacerbation by flexing/extending and prolonged periods of standing or sitting. Within a few months with Dr. Corey there was an 85% improvement with my daily life including flying and exercise. Dr. Corey is AWESOME!! I cannot live without Dr. Corey and his treatments. I have an incredible team of the Best Doctors in San Diego and he rates with the "Best of the Best" - #1"

Carol H. -Flight Attendant

"I was referred to Dr. Corey by my lawyer because I was in a horrible car accident. I saw Dr. Corey a couple days afterward and was in a lot of pain. I was unable to play with my boys for long periods of time and could not sleep through the night due to the pain. It's been a couple of months now and I can enjoy the time I spend with my boys pain free! I sleep well at night and I am in a better mood. Thank you Dr. Corey for taking the extra time with me and not only making me feel better physically, but mentally as well. You always made me feel at home when I was in the office."

Angela B.G. - Car Accident victim and mother of 2 boys.

"Dr. Corey, Thank You! You couldn't have been more accurate with choice of treatment. You informed me at all stages and suggested actions for prevention. I couldn't ask for better care. I first started with Dr. Corey because of Pain, muscle spasms, trouble walking, in fact moving about 3 days before I saw you. It hurt to get out of bed, tie shoes, sitting. But, since we have started within 2 WEEKS (4 TREATMENTS) I am 99% back to full movement and my pain is gone."

Bob H. - Retired Actor/Acting Coach (76 years)

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